“You take charge of your own education.”
Bianca G, class of 2015

“The independent learning works better for me because there isn’t a classroom full of distractions. I can meet my own learning needs and move at my own pace.”
Maddy B, class of 2014

“Independent study teaches responsibility, accountability and autonomy. I’ve learned how to effectively manage my time and have a job, extracurriculars, and school without spreading myself too thin. This has really prepared me for college and adult life.”
Saba K, class of 2013

“There’s much more flexibility in what classes you want to take and when. That makes my  life more relaxed.”
Molly W, class of 2015

“BIS stands out because you have a lot more freedom in your daily life. As a Muslim, I have experienced trouble when going to the Friday Prayers while in previous schools. But with BIS, I can simply not schedule classes during Friday Prayers.”
Sami M, 7th grader

“As far as I’ve experienced in my education, there is no better way to learn anything than to have it explained to you one-on-one. The great thing about BIS is that it forces you to interact with your instructors as if they are really a person and not just a facet of the educational establishment. This is a powerful ability to have when interacting with anyone in any situation.”
Andrew M, class of 2012

“I taught math at Berkeley Independent Study for almost twenty years. Over the years we continued to individualize and modify the students’ curricula to meet their needs. The most important thing is that teachers and students know each other, care for each other, and want to be here.”
Pamela D, retired BIS teacher