Physical Education

Although the BIS format of Physical Education is different from most high schools, students can earn appropriate PE credits for involvement in physical activities by enrolling in a PE class at BIS (or Berkeley High), or via PE waivers.

PE Classes at BIS

Classes are held weekly, with the majority of work done outside of class. PE requires exercise in class and at home for five hours per week. There have been two PE formats at BIS: short one-on-one meetings with a teacher after which all student exercise is performed outside of class; and group classes in which students participate in tennis, soccer, hiking, or active gardening. In both scenarios, students are required to log their exercises and complete minimal additional homework.

PE Waivers

Students can receive PE credit for extracurricular sports or other physical activities outside of BIS. PE waivers must be signed by a coach or instructor and turned in once per semester. The waiver signifies that students took part in enough physical activities during the semester to qualify for PE credit. All waivers need administrative approval.