BIS students take the same math class all year long to ensure that students master the state standards. Although quarter grades are given, math students remain on the pace of the semester system. Students may request seminars (60-90 mins), or one-on-one instruction (30 mins).

Class Meetings
Math classes go by very quickly. During class sessions, teachers attempt to answer all student questions, in addition to previewing new material if there is adequate time. Math students must take the initiative to learn from textbooks, consult resources online and sign up for tutoring. Without daily instruction, students must learn the majority of the material on their own.

Students must grade their own homework before each math class. Most homework assignments include answer keys in provided textbooks. Students are expected to complete their homework early enough to correct the questions that they got wrong. Students who are able to correct their homework on time are usually successful in math classes at BIS.

Tests are given at the end of each chapter. Tests are always conducted on campus, under the supervision of a math teacher. Most tests are not timed.

Math Course List

Math 1 A/B (Advanced)

Math 1 Quarter

Math 2 A/B (Advanced)

Math 2 Quarter

Math 3 A/B (Advanced)

Math 3 Quarter

AP Statistics 1/2

AP Statistics Quarter

AP Calculus AB 1/2 (BC)

Calculus Quarter

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