1. Where is BIS?

Our campus is located on Derby St. between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Milvia St. The main entrance is through the garden off Derby.

2. Is BIS a part of Berkeley High?

BIS is an official program of Berkeley High.  Students at BIS have access to all Berkeley High sports, clubs, and programs. They also graduate with the same diploma.

3. I am a high-performing student. Is BIS a good college prep program?

BIS fulfills the basic requirements for students applying to all major universities.  We offer honors and AP classes in most subjects. Graduates have attended a wide range of universities including state, private and Ivy League schools.

4. Can I still enroll in classes at Berkeley High?

BIS students may take up to two classes per semester at Berkeley High. These may include lab sciences and electives not available on the BIS campus.

5. Does BIS follow the A-G requirements?

Yes, BIS is A-G certified by University of California.

6. When is the best time to transfer in?

Transfers are accepted on a rolling basis. The best time to transfer is at the beginning of the year, or the beginning of a new quarter.

7. Can I attend Berkeley High events like prom, graduation, etc.?

Yes. All BIS students are Berkeley High students and have access to the same events and facilities. Contact the front office for information on particular events.

8. If Independent Study does not work for me, can I go back to my small school?

Yes. Students leaving BIS may reapply to small schools at Berkeley High.

9. Can I get credit for outside classes/activities?

Credit for outside classes/activities may be only permitted with special approval from the program coordinator.

10. Can I take community college courses while at BIS?

Dual enrollment with community college is possible depending on individual circumstances. Contact the office for more information.

11. Does BIS have the same education requirements as Berkeley High?

Yes, BIS has the same academic standards and requirements as Berkeley High.

12. How is BIS different from homeschooling?

We have a dedicated campus and a full staff of credentialed teachers. 

13. I’ve noticed that you share space with BTA. Are you connected in any way?

We are not directly associated with BTA. A gate separates the two campuses.

14. Is BIS a packet program?

No. Highly credentialed teachers conduct classes and modify assignments based on student comprehension, student interests and state standards.

15. Is college counseling available? How about personal counseling?

College counseling can be found at the Berkeley High College & Career Center. Personal counseling is also available via our Mentoring Program.

16. Are classes always one-on-one?  How else do students meet?

Class sizes typically vary from 1-3 students or more depending on teachers and enrollment. Students may spend additional time working on campus to socialize.