Academic Format

BIS uses a quarter system. Students may take a maximum of 3 classes per quarter so that they have ample time to complete their work. Students are expected to put in an average of 10 hours of work per class each week. Attending all class appointments on time is essential due to the accelerated pace of the quarter system. At the end of each quarter, students receive final semester grades.

All classes are conducted one-on-one, or via small seminars. Students meet with their teachers once per week. At the end of each session, students are given a full week of work to complete by the following class session. Tutoring is available for students who need additional support.

BIS models the academic format of Berkeley High. Many BIS students take concurrent courses at Berkeley High that are not available on our campus including science labs and various electives. Although BIS students receive grades every quarter, they earn the same number of credits each semester as they would at Berkeley High.